QuineCore - the PAM you can use

Hybrid-cloud scalable PAM

QuineCore automates the file and dataflow in your productions,
From ingest to final delivery
From one-man-bands to broadcasters

QuineCore in 30 seconds

For the file manager:

File-recognition and automated workflows
Secure copying and ingest
Remote Ingest
Advanced automated file-sharing capabilities
Automated creation and sharing of dailies and editorials

QuineCore radically simplifies the data-manager tasks and the underlaying CopySafe™ technology guarantees the results, every time.

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For the, the director, the editor and the DoP

Dailies can be available insanely fast without extra transcoding, preparation or manual work.

Depending on role, you can comment, edit or transcribe the videos and sync your with the editor.

For the Assisting Editor

QuineCore provides a seamless experience for assisting editors and prepare logging projects and automatically importing proxies and originals directly into DaVinci Resolve and Premiere from the QuineCore panel.

For MediaComposer, AAF's generated in QuineCore, speeds up the strenuous work of preparing files and notes.

The QuineCore Transcription tool - video

For the Editor

Automatically share edits for review and approval in one or multiple review channels with user access control.

For remote editors or other external collaborators

Automate file-sharing with your partners.

By performing these operations incrementally, your project will be consistent and up-to-date at any time.

For the producer

Enjoy unparalleled cost and project control as a producer.

Keep track of project costs in real-time on the cloud and maintain full control of who has received which files. This will allow you to take action if something is not as it should be.


It all starts with Ingest.

QuineIngest can be set up as a simple "copy-only" application, and it's brilliant at that.

But if you start settig up more complex workflows, it really shines.


• The project templates• Proxy workflows• Setting up transcode in daVinci


You can set up dailies automatically at ingest, or stage it for later.

We have a Transcription tool for non-scripted productions:


Transcription explained


You can at any stage mirror data between local destinations.

From multiple in-field disks to one master project
From a master project to a mobile edit-project


• Mirroring


You can automatically share review files with select members of the production.

You can also have multiple review channels with the different collaborators in each channel in the same project

Application Integration

QuineCore run as a plugin inside Adobe Premiere and DaVinci Resolve. This allows you to import files and metadata without browsing disks or re-typing notes, transcripts, and other metadata.

the QuineCore .AAF exporter give integration for MediaComposer.


QuineIngest allows you to easily share and receive files with other users, and customize who has access to which files.

The key philosophy of QuineCore file sharing is to keep all endpoints up-to-date at all times, eliminating the need for massive data transfers in short periods.


Besides .MHL files and receipts, you can  collect reports on your entire productions data at all endpoints, local and remote, delete individual or batches of files from the cloud and keep track of your local- and cloud based storage instances.

QuineCore also supplies reports as fast as possible on cloud-usage and cost.

User management and security

QuineCore is built directly on Azure AD. A production is technically an AAD security group.

We can install QuineCore in your  Azure. This way you can use your existing usermanagement and the security-policies implemented by your organisation is automatically applied to  productions.