Distributed Collaborative Workflow Redefined

Ground-breaking, fast and connected Production Asset Management System (PAM) for local and distributed production.

Collaborate with participants working from anywhere.

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Ingest & Structure

Automate asset-flow

Get what you want, the way you want it, where you want it, when you want it.


Automate your workflow and file management

Ingest, transcode, apply LUTs and burn-in of your assets in the format you need, and send assets wherever you need them.


Automated structuring

Project structure centrally decided paired with automatic file-type recognition, simplifies and automates the file-management significantly.


Drag and drop anything

Easy one-time set up for the whole production, drag and drop and go home operation afterwards.

Smart watchfolder based ingest for recurring tasks


Access your entire production in a browser, anywhere

Everything in one place

Dailies, review files, VFX, edited sequences, full episodes or movie, view everything in one place.


Smart labelling of assets into categories and easy setup to decide which user can see what categories of files.

In sync on timecode or
other metadata

Video, audio, script-notes, frame-accurate comments, in sync based on timecode or other metadata.

File sharing

Share/sync by selection or rules.

Browse by production logic

By Scene/Slate/Take, date, location, unit, source, tagsor any label created. Find any file instantly.

File Exchange

Exchange production assets with those who need them with consistency and speed, in-house or with 3rd party partners.

Whether originals, proxies, edited scenes, VFX renders or entire productions, select your assets in the browser and send file to any destination. Structured downloads, advanced multi-watchfolder functionality.

All transactions remains consistent and within the main production directory logic.


Select your VFX shots in Browser and send to posthouse through our system, and sync back VFX renders for review. Share edited sequences and episodes with external client without leaving the platform.

Distributed Editing

Distributed Editing made easy


Select & Edit

Select files in the QuineCore Premiere or Resolve extension. One-click operation to get synchronized files and metadata into Premiere. Sort logged sequences by scene.
Assists the Assistant Editor tasks significantly.


Add any clip in timeline

Instant access to all production assets in a from wherever you work.


Remote editing

QuineCore is the perfect match for Adobe Team-Projects for multi-editor and multi-location editing.

Sync only the assets you need when you need them.

Collaborative editing through synchronized projects and files, gives unmatched flexibility.

Feedback and Approval

Feedback and approval

Everyone on one platform

Producer, Editor, director, VFX artists, all creatives down the chain share the consistent data & comments live if needed

Frame accurate comments

On file, edited sequences and more


User-management and file access controlled by Active Directory, trusted by big cooperations. Microsofts renown cloud security.

Private or public cloud

You can either run your productions on Quine's public cloud, or we can install QuineCore on your private subscription.

File Security 

All transactions are verified

Access Security

A production is an AD security group and all members and transactions are secured through Active Directory

Database Security

Database consistency and uptime is like Azure with 99,995% uptime. You can read more about Azure security solutions here:

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