How to use the Quinecore.com Transcript Tool

a guide to using the transcript tools

March 3, 2022

Get to know the basic of our transcriber tool in this video: 

To get transcribing in the Transcript category at quinecore.com, we start by selecting a clip that we want to transcribe and then click on the pencil button at the right hand side.

 We now enter transcript mode.

In addition to regular text, and with the hotkey option or alt + T timecode text, we cant create text blocks which both contains text and metadata with in and out points.

 By pressing option or alt + enter we will add one of these green text blocks and write inside them. The text block will appear as green blocks in the timeline graphically showing you the length of each text block in the clip.


 When we press alt or option and double tap enter again, we will end the textblock with a TC out. I we press alt or option and enter, we will both end the one we ar writing in and start a new one at the mark of our playhead.


 To save our work we can "save" if we click on"save & exit" we will go out of transcriber mode. You can also use the hot keys alt or option + SHIFT + S and alt or option + SHIFT and X for this.

When we are finished with a clip we can go to the left of the pencil icon and click on PDF. This will generate a pdf file that we can download in the web browser.