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Christian Askøe Vollmers - CTO Nordisk Film ShortCut

Read Newsshooters coverage of the release here

Christian Askøe Vollmers - CTO Nordisk Film ShortCut

Read Newsshooters coverage here

Secure copying - to multiple destinations

QuineCopy automatically copies your originals to one or several destinations, checksums each file and give you a receipt and an MHL file for downstreams automation.

Without secure copying to at least two physical destinations, your production-data can not be insured.

The most common reason for copy-failure is hardware issues: Faulty disks, card-readers, cables, routers or switches. 
QuineCopy detects faults in data-transfers, and reports it to you if your copy-job has an issue.

QuineCopy goes through a full verification cycle before issuing receipts and MHL files.

QuineCopy is powered by CopySafe

See video of the copy-process hereDe-mystifying myths around secure and validated copies

Transcoding of proxies

To simplify the editorial process, you can automatically transcode everything to a proxy-format while you copy. Editing from proxies instead of originals, can speed up the editing process significantly, makes the project mobile and lets you work on less expensive hardware.

QuineCopy automates daVinci Resolve Studio as your transcode-engine.

Setting up daVinci Resolve Studio for QuineCopy

Project structuring

QuineCopy automatically structures the data in the right folders sorted by data and file-type.

The program comes with default project templates.
Navigating your project can easily become a chaotic experience without a strict project structure in place. Use out-of-the-box templates for most asset types in production.

Video on the Quine ProjectTemplates


Have you shot a bunch of disks in the field and need to copy to a structured master project?

Do you need to take only the editorials to a removable drive to edit in the field?

Then you need the QuineCopy Mirroring function.

Mirroring let’s you securely and automatically move files into the right folders from many disks to one, securely replicate your entire project, move specific types of files to a specific drive and a ton of other housekeeping tasks, if the files have initially been copied with QuineCopy.

Mirroring explained in this video

QuineCopy is future- proof and Scalable

QuineCopy solves the critical function of securing your data. Often we see that users haven’t planned much beyond that. So once you need to collaborate with partners, or if you are working in a production-house, the structured project easily becomes pretty chaotic. QuineCopy has you covered.

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QuineCopy provides a simple and free tool that anyone can use to secure automate and organize video-productions like a pro.

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