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September 9, 2023

Not so long ago, workflows were much easier than today.
Preparing things for NLE edits, was straight-forward, and often handled by enginners:
In film we scanned cineon-log 10bit DPX's and edited in DNx36 or ProRes LT

In TV we either took the SDI tap or DV tap and "digitized" in pretty much the same way.
Standardized, straight forward, predictable and more often than not: Handled by  professionals.

Today, that landscape is wildly more complex. In parallell with the democratization of access to cameras, and computers, the recording and post scene has become insanly more complex where each manufacturer uses their own codecs or flavor of codecs, and then you throw in mobile-phones, crash-cams and maybe some RAW camera in the soup, all with individual post needs. And more often than not, enthusiasts, not professionals handle the data and the workflows.

QuineCopy is expressing our dream to fix-all that, and give the production chores back to those who wants to produce, in line with our MissionStatement.

To give people a decent chance to not run into insane workflow issues from the start with their fancy new democratized tools.
With QuineCopy - we wish to democratize workflows.

Our shot at that is QuineCopy, a tool which is:
Easy to use, Automated, Scalable and Free


There are many apps doing “things” for video-talents these days, but they seem to focus on single-issues.
I see a sub-problem, so I make a sub-solution.

Workflows and file-management today don't stop at the first ingest, like they did in the old days.
And with the plethora of recording devices, codecs, metadata standards and fragmented tools for specific scenarios, you often have to re-ingest your files and re-type metadata into new tools many times over, just for your basic file- and metadata management.

With QuineCopy we have automated secure copying, project structuring, transcoding of proxies and saving metadata to a database for downstreams automations into a single drag and drop operation. The application looks at the data, and determines how to process them through rules you can override.
It’s fine if you understand what we do with the CopySafe™ technology, but you don’t absolutely need to have a PhD in asset management to be able to get a liveable results.

We have the PhD’s in data-management so you can be at peace and focus on your story.

Scalable for your  production, scalable into large productions

The thing about workflows is that they are really complicated….
That is the nasty truth of it.

To really plan for a workflow, you have to start at the end: Plan for the deliverable.
Are you 100% sure that this is going to DCP or a broadcast-master or to youtube?
At what quality?

What codecs resolutions, platforms and colorspaces are you delivering to?

Instead - even from large producers it is more like:
Yeah - that's a great idea: Let's go out and shoot!
Post comes after. There are always someone to solve whatever is needed.

Which there sometimes is, but at a significant cost.

We cannot protect you against yourself with QuineCopy and QUineCore, but we can make it quite a bit easier to not mess up totally.
Even if you're not very experienced with these things.

After all, QuineCopy is made with the Dreamer as user-profile

The following examples are based on things we see daily in productions we work with:

Let’s say you are “just doing your little documentaryy.

You think all you need is to securely offload to disks in the field as you shoot. Editing comes… after…
QuineCopy has you covered

When you come home and need to structure your data on one large disk for editing.
Been there?

Wouldn’t it be comfortable to just let the copy-app do the job for you and sort everything into the right folders in your master-project when you come home?
Instantly ready to edit. No files hidden on some desktop somewhere.
QuineCopy has you covered

Let’s say you are mainly shooting DSLR’s at HD – that you can easily edit on your laptop for most of the project, but then ask for some  images from a RAW-shooting  4k+ camera. These files are probably not playing back from your spinning disks and will be too expensive to spread around a plethora of SSD’s just to edit.
Wouldn’t it be nice if your copy-program would be able to create editorial files of these big files when you copy, without also making transcodes of the files that don’t need to be transcoded?
QuineCopy has you covered

These are the functions included in the free QuineCopy, but what if your needs expand?

Would it not be nice to get these functions without having to fire up a multitude of new applications and re-ingest your material to every single of these?
QuineCore has you covered

After shooting for a few months, you realize the project actually craves for some outside assistance, and you need people to discuss your shots with and take notes and help you decide what is really important in all this material?
You can upgrade to QuineCore and get all your dailies in the cloud with interactive commenting tools without having to re-ingest everything into a dailies platform.

What if you realize that you need some more material from a remote place, engage a photographer to shoot that material for you and need to synchronize that material with what you already have?
You can upgrade to QuineCore and have the photographer ingest the material - including originals if you want – from that remote place and have it automatically synchronized with your local and cloud-based libraries.

What if you now realize that you need to log and transcribe several of the clips to speed up editing, and you would love to synchronize that dynamically with your edit-project?
You can upgrade to QuineCore and have loggers all over the place working on your clips and sync their work to your project and timeline at any time

And then you realize you need more editors or assisting editors to work on your project to ever get it finished, what to do?
You can upgrade to QuineCore and automatically distribute all or “just the needed” assets with each of your collaborators, including project files and metadata without buying any dedicated file-sharing applications and need to re-assemble the project at each end.

Having collected all these collaborators, wouldn't it be nice to have it automatically integrated with your editor application?
QuineCore has you covered. QuineCore runs as a panel inside Adobe Premiere and daVinci Resolve and manages your metadata and speeds up the assembly before edit significantly.

And now your edits are starting to finish and you need internal and external approval to get it on-screen, what to do?
You can upgrade to QuineCore and keep the review and approval in the same environment you have been working in all the time, with individual access-controls and rights to see and comment on your edits

And now you need a graphics artist, a sound editor and a composer to finalize your edit, how to handle that?
You can upgrade to QuineCore and set up individual exchange channels with all your external partners where you only exchange the data of relevance, while having review tools to see and hear the progress of their work

And finally you need color-corrections and finalizing of your master and you need to get all relevant original material, your edits, your externally collected material like sound, music and graphics to the online facility for mastering.
You can upgrade to QuineCore and automate the exchange and collaboration whether the facility is your next door neighbours, or on the other side of the planet.

These examples are collected from QuineCore productions we have been involved in over the years.

Too often – even in large commercial productions, people tend at best to plan for just the very first part of the workflow:
Getting things safely offloaded in the field. But that is only the very first step of your data-management.
With QuineCopy, you are dressed for all occasions.

Well QuineCopy is…

We hope and think that millions of productions can suffice with the basic tools QuineCopy offers for free.
But if your needs expands, it's good to know that you are on a platform that can expand up to the needs of large, collaborative Filmproductions or even broadcast houses.
Without having to re-do everything again and again to fulfil technical demands.
With tons of automation helping you through the process.

You don’t always need any of the QuineCore extras to finish your production. You know your needs better than we do.

But if you need the automated, collaborative cloud-based tools later in your production or you at a later stage come into productions with more advanced workflows than the free solution offers, you are all set and ready to go with QuineCopy

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