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Testimonials - QuineCore

September 9, 2023

A compilation of testimonials:

Michael Sanders - DoP and Producer, on QuineIngest file-exchange and editor integration:

Pål Svennevig - CTO Shortcut Oslo on the workflow for Kristiania Magiske Tivoliteater

Kristine Berg - Director, on working with the QuineCore Dailies

Stian Skjelstad - Producer, on using the  QuineCore PAM

Magnus Berggren - Post Production Supervisor and editor, on the QuineCore Dailies functions

Michael Mark Lanham - DoP, on the QuineCore tools and impact on production

Jenny Vuong - Producer, on getting started with QuineCore

David - AC and DIT on working with QuineIngest

Rune Trondsen - Producer, on why he chose QuineCore

Magnus Berggren - Post Production Sup and Editor, on the Premiere integration

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