Why we made QuineCopy, and why we made it free, part 1

September 28, 2023

QuineCopy is the app we all wished we had when we got started so we wouldn't have to learn all about filemanagement the hard way.

QuineCopy is frankly an incredibly powerful little app and we are extremely proud of it.

A free, simple to use app offering powerful features that in itself would be enough for most productions.

Secure checksummed copying to as many destinations as you can eat

QuineCopy is made with a project-focus with professional level database-driven automation

Quine copy has the fastest "always secure"  copying we have seen in any tool hash'ing properly with XXHAS64 out of the box

File recognition and automated structuring of assets is unique, but you can create your own production templates.

Mirroring  let's you sync 20 field-disks to a master project

Automated transcode at ingest with DaVinci Resolve Studio is thrown in there

Handling of all RED files with full metadata support through RedLine

And QuineCopy share the same CopySafe™  technology that QuineCore is based on which serves 100's of productions daily with broadcasters and producers.

In a few months we have had 1000's of downloads from all over the world.

Seems we may have hit a nerve.

There are absolutely no limitations to the announced features.

- No number-of-files limitations

- No time-limitations

- No watermarks

- No "test 1 GB and see if it works limitations"

- No limitations to the number of projects you can run with it

- No time expiry

- Advanced LUT handling for several camera-brands (and more will come)

You can even farm out your renders to a render-farm of Resolve Studio machines connected to the same NAS and network, like broadcasters and larger postproduction houses do

All automated

All free

Without constraints

That sounds insane, right?
There's got to be a catch?

But there aren't any constraint to the published features.

CopySafe™ is the common tech between the larger QuineCore PAM and the free QuineCopy application

We do QuineCopy for a reason - it's not for nothing that the entire Quine team is focused on making QuineCopy the best and simplest to use application thinkable.
QuineCopy is for anyone doing content production, diligently created to make their media-management life less stressful.

QuineCopy is a huge shout-out to the helpful community of filmmakers all over the world, giving back to the community that taught us so well over many years of trial and error.

When deciding what features QuineCopy should have, we set the bar pretty high: 

Everything a student, an owner-operator or a small production company really really should need, should be covered in an efficient and easy-to-use fashion.

QuineCopy will make it possible to make it right from the start. With the fastest and most secure copy engine we have seen.

Anyone with a DSLR, a Black Magic Pocket Camera, some DJI drone, A Sony A7, a GoPro or an iPhone 15 Pro, can have access to the benefits of a professional, modern, automated media-management tool and feel the simplifications and get the results the "pro's" are used to, while they grow their skills as filmmakers and story-tellers.

Film-schools and film-students should have a platform to treat files well with also for their no--budget productions.

QuineCopy - competent - still easy to use - makes media management generally accessible and easy to do.

Quine has the PhD's in media- and metadata management, so that anyone who wants to create some content really won't ever need that.

In a meeting with Adobe at IBC, they coined QuineCopy as

"A MiniPAM", and if you push it to its limits... well it is
Yet it is easy enough for a newb to use.

With QuineCopy, we give newbs and pro's a way to get mediamanagement right from the start.
For free.


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