Video: What you can do with QuineIngest for 3.5 minutes?

March 17, 2020

What QuineIngest does 3.5 minutes manual work?

  1. Secure ingest with checksumming of originals to one or more destinations  
  2. Structured storing of the data on local destination  
  3. Extracting metadata from the files and storing that info in QuineCore
  4. Applying LUT’s and burn-in to transcoded edit-proxies  
  5. Synchronizing audio and video in our databases based on timecode
  6. Importing Script-notes from Movieslate and match the notes with audio and video assets
  7. Upload editorials, audio and metadata to QuineCore to enable review and logging from all over the world
  8. Feed everything to a Dailies Browser on mobile or computer
  9. Prepare the files and metadata for sync with Adobe Premiere

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