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QuineCore™ Production Asset Management System for Film- and TV-productions

March 16, 2020

Oslo, Norway, Jan 14th, 2020 – Quine, a leading media solution provider, today announces the launch of a ground-breaking, cloud-based Production Asset Management System that centralize file distribution, asset management, communication, and remote production, creating unprecedented efficiency and flexibility for professional productions.

Specially designed for challenges in professional media production environments, QuineCore™ enables multiple stakeholders to automate content acquisition and distribution while provides an intuitive cloud-based central platform to browse, review, collaborate around the globe. 

QuineCore™ Highlights:

  1. One single platform: Ingest, transcode, browse, log, communicate and collaborate, locally or across the globe
  2. Intuitive production logic throughout: not an IT department tool, but a tool for editor, scripts notes and all. base on production-metadata logic.
  3. Unlimited number of users: encourage all stakeholders active use to maximize instant collaboration without worrying about a cost hike.
  4. Flexible cloud-based model: pricing on monthly actual usage gives true financial flexibility.

“The sophisticated nature of professional productions kept processes and data flow in a mess. For larger production entities, the expense of lack of digitized workflows and communication adds up exponentially,” says Gunleik Groven, Chief Operating Officer of Quine.

Leveraging hybrid-cloud technology, QuineCore™ is the first system truly designed for large scale production houses, fulfilling the increasing needs for efficiency, connectivity and remote collaboration in a new era with an exploding OTT market.

QuineCore™ has two modules:

QuineIngest: A simple drag and drop software that automate file ingest, transcode, distribution and smart storage, remote and on-prem.

QuineCore: A browser-based single platform for all stakeholders to browse, search, review and collaborate on a production that integrates with external applications, like Adobe Premiere.

Quine’s solutions have led to NRK’s far-reaching advancement in automating file- and metadata management in our productions. We have not had a dedicated data-wrangler on productions using QuineCore since 2016,” Gøran Mattson, head of Contribution and Distribution, Long-form Norweigan Broadcast Corp. 

Quine AS 

Quine AS is an innovator in production workflows and project management, based in Oslo, Norway. Quine offers hybrid-cloud solutions for smart file distribution, asset management, and remote collaboration. The company serves the high-growth professional production, film and broadcast market.

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