QuineCopy for the camera owner-operator

November 12, 2023

One of the reasons we made QuineCopy free, was to be able to tend to the  use case of the  hard-working in-the-field owner-operators.
We know what it's like, we've been there ourselves, alone, in the field. We know the long days.

Working in the field alone can be hard and rewarding

QuineCopy makes secure backups to one or multiple destinations automatically. You only have to set up the project once, and then it’s all just drag and drop.
QuineCopy recognizes most major camera-formats and reads metadata like shooting date directly from the card.

With QuineCopy it is close to zero work for you to get a structured project automatically. And you get the MHL files and whatever the production needs... For free

You should focus on the imagery, not the file-management.

It's the images, not the files, we know... still, you have to deal with those pescy files.

You and your partners will greatly appreciate the output and reports from QuineCopy over a drag-and drop approach. If not tonight, then 3 weeks later when you discuss what material you shot each day.

Once a project is set up, it is significantly LESS work to copy with QuineCopy than even Finder and Explorer copying.

And it is much, much safer...
IF there is a problem with your copy, it will be detected before the cards are formatted.

A familiar situation for many camera-slingers.

We hope to make QuineCopy an  essential part of any owner-operators field-kit, like a tripod and a computer.

Please help us making it better through giving us feedback, and help us spread the word.

Gunleik Groven,
DoP and CEO

On behalf of:

The Quine Team

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