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QuineCopy! – Finally the fast and free tool for Copy, Transcode, Mirroring and Project-structuring is out of beta!

October 10, 2023

QuineCopy is the new industry standard of safe copying, using the tried and tested CopySafe™ technology developed for QuineCore, our professional tool for Production Asset Management.

QuineCopy is an incredibly fast media asset copying tool that utilizes XXHAS64. Whether you copy to one, or many destinations, it is the fastest application we have seen doing full verification to all destinations.

As Simple as 1-2-3: QuineCopy is incredibly simple to get started with, just give your project a name, add a destination and drag-and-drop your files .

QuineCopy is incredibly powerful as a starter application. Automatic file-recognition, device-based workflows, automatic structuring of files, mirroring of data between disks so that you can take 100 field-disks and automatically structure them into one editing disk in a single drag-and-drop operation.

QuineCopy is a one of a kind transcoding application, harnessing the power of  Black Magic’s DaVinci Resolve Studio for color-accurate transcodes and automated LUT handling, when you want your proxy file to look just like you had intended.

ChristianAskøe Vollmers – CTO, Nordisk Film

With QuineCopy, Automation is key
Quine has the PhD’s in file and metadata management, so you don’t have to worry about any of that stuff. With QuineCopy you’ll get it right from the start. All your file will get automatically organized in a user friendly folder structure.

What, it’s free!
Yes, QuineCopy is available to download for free.

At Quine we have all learned a lot from the generous community of filmmakers from around the globe. This is our way to say THANK YOU and try to give something back to you. We hope from the bottom of our hearts that any up and coming filmmaker in TV or Art house film production, in documentaries or reality-shows, students and owner-operators, news, sports or experimental art-projects, dreamers and hardline realists can have full access to basic media-management through QuineCopy  and focus their talent and resources towards making the greatest content thinkable, and just not have to worry about all those files. Enjoy!

The Quine Team

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