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Quine wins public tender with QuineCore at NRK (Norwegian Broadcast Corporation)

November 27, 2020

                                                                                                                                             OsloNov 19th 2020



Quine is happy to announce that we won a 4 year publictender (NRKMA3333/20TM ) delivering our PAM -QuineCore for ingest, collaboration and asset-management to NRK (NorwegianBroadcasting Corporation – in a bidding round with international competitors.


From the NRK tender announcement:

“Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation Ltd (NRK) is looking for solutions which will result a more streamlined post-production workflow that meets the demand for producing TV-drama and mini-series more efficient and in less time.

 We are seeking a hi-efficient, safe and easy to use solution for Ingest of media assets in combination with a platform for further media management”



This was a public international tender, outside Quine, these companies took part:
Sony,, ioGates, Limecraft and Iconik


Quine AS is honoured and humbled by this market-validation by an important client in our market and look forward to serve and improve our solutions in collaboration with NRK and other clients in the years to come.


The bid was won in collaboration with Quine’s partners Mediability(commercial partner) and Microsoft (tech-partner).



Gunleik Groven
Quine AS COO




About Quine AS:

Quine was founded November 2016 to disruptively simplify media-management, collaboration and transparency in modern media productions with focus onTV-series and feature-films.


Mission statement:
QuineCore enables new and better ways for:
HOW people work within a production
WHAT is possible to do
WHO can make quality productions

Quine’s approach is that asset- and metadata management within a media-production is essentially one task, whether it is shipping terabytes of originals per day from set to editors, or it is to distribute an edit for review and comments.



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