Quine 2022 - New Year, New features, New faces

March 15, 2022

Quine ended the year 2021 by completing almost 100 productions including everything from big screen cinema, drama series, commercials, documentary and reality television. We are happy that were able to help out so many people with automatization and with file-and metadata exchanges, and again, in an another year embossed by the coronavirus, facilitate editing and flow between remote workstations and production houses.

As of the 14th of March 2022, our new Knowledge base portal is now up and running to help our users find answers, tutorials, guidelines, tips and ticks quick and easy. You can have a look at it here:

New features


We now have a solid flow for anyone using AVID as their default editing tool with:

-Direct downloads of .ale's from QuineCore with script and technical metadata.

-Automatically generation of OpAtom or other AVID-friendly formats at ingest.

-Distribution of files between users

-Generation of AAF with TC based metadata - like logging - via Resolve-intergration

Resolve support (beta) 

We have been using Resolve as a transcoder for QI for quite some time, but we now also have a simple panel for Resolve, handling

files and metadata the same way as the premiere panel. We're yet to see a production doing their editing in Resolve, but if anyone are up to it - so are we!

Transcribing tool

Going into the non-scripted world we needed to have a reliable transcription solution which have been quite absent and unreliable in most productions.

The solution was our web-based transcription tool at which allows transcribers to sit anywhere.

We are currently working on a dynamic solution for this tool which means the transcribers also can be linked back even after the editing process has begun.

We have huge plans for this tool and we're very happy to see so many productions using the most of it.

New co-workers

By the 1st quarter of 2022 Quine have already expanded and hired 3 new employees, with more to come:

Mathias Hekton - Product Manager & Corporate sales

After 3,5 years in AVID and 8 years in Adobe as Strategic Development Manager, Mathias is not only expanding our team with valuable experience and knowledge, but also setting the sails for our new sales department. 

Benjamin Kippersund - End user support & Onboarding

As a former editor in both television and drama, AVID and Premiere, Benjamin is now the end users friend and contact. 

He's also the editorial head of our brand new Knowledge base library at 

All Quine users from transcriber to editor to producer: Meet Benjamin - or see him in our newest video tutorials here:

Payman Mehri - Full stack developer

Payman is a full stack developer with about 10 years of developing experience creating multi platform / different softwares.

«I always say that if you can’t find a way for doing something, make a way, even if it’s an already invented wheel. Nothing should stop anyone». - Payman Mehri

We are looking forward to work with new and existing customers in 2022.

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