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October 3, 2023

Postperspective.com visited our booth at IBC and did a nice writeup on the free QuineCopy and Quine's postproduction tools

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Tiny Acorns
Often, some of the most intriguing innovations at IBC emerge from startups. One such is Quine, a Norwegian company with a very arresting stand and an even more interesting product.

Benjamin Kippersund at the IBC booth

Launched at the show, Quine CopySafe is a free software utility that offers simple automated secure copying, project structuring, mirroring of data and transcoding of proxies. It detects faults in data transfers and reports if your copy-job has an issue. There’s also a paid version.

“People ask why we’re doing it for free, at least mostly,” said Benjamin Kippersund, end user support and onboarding for Quine. “We’re a production asset management company. We’re dealing with workflows that bring metadata into the editing software and trying to make all those productions go seamlessly through one platform. We integrate with Premiere Pro, Resolve and Avid Media Composer, sending the metadata to the right fields without needing all the manual labor to just fill stuff in. We also have a Dailies Preview Browser, so you can go to our website and sort and edit the metadata in the cloud before you take it into the editing software.”

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