Monitor Magazin's IBC coverage of QuineCopy

October 30, 2023

Monitor Magasin is a Scandinavian web and print-publication covering the media industry and kit we can play with.

We were happy to have them at our booth at IBC covering the launch ogf QuineCopy.

The article can be found in Norwegian here.

Gunleik Groven (CEO) and Mathias Hekton (COO) at IBC 2023, photo: Monitor Magasin.

Here is a google translate of the part of the article covering QuineCopy

Quine launches QuineCopy at IBC 2023

Quine is a company with a completely new idea for how the production flow in the film industry should be taken care of.

According to founder Gunleik Groven, the film industry is still characterized by IT management that is locked in the 1990s. Cinematographers, editors and producers are drowning in loose hard drives with disorganized file structures and little security for copying and workflow.

-As it is today, you cannot be sure that your recordings can easily be transferred to post-production, says Groven. This leads to many productions spending unnecessary time and money on rework.

Groven has now brought in Swedish Mathias Hekton as product manager and sales manager.

Quine is  entering a new phase with the launch of QuineCopy and QuineCore.

QuineCopy gives you easy automated secure copying of your movie files, project structuring, data mirroring, proxy transcoding and cloud scalability.

QuineCore automates the file and data flow in your productions, from ingesting media from camera to final delivery to clips, this is a solution both for a single photographer and for larger broadcasters.

The solution has already been tested by NRK in Norway.

You can now download a beta version of QuineCopy at

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