Meet the Quine team

Meet the Quine team: Konstantin Pogorolov- Senior developer

December 9, 2023

The basis for the magic of what we do at Quine happens at ingest, like in our 100% fast free and secure QuineCopy.

To the end-user, that initially looks like any copy of your data.

Konstantin isn't your run off the mill "full stack developer", in Quine we have a dual PhD in informatics taking care of our javascript code.

When you get from the QuineCopy domain and into into the QuineCore sphere, the way our copy-tools work, makes it possible to automate processes in the post-workflows, and QuineCore takes care of these automations and our collaborative workflows.

Konstantin is the one transforming these possibilities initially created by QuineCopy and QuineIngest into time- and money saving tools for everyone in a production off- and on- set.
He currently writes all the user-facing integrations and automations for post-workflows possible, outside the initial moving of and tracking of files.

Konstantin has 2 PhD's in informatics. One around creating a reaaltime streaming-codec long before Zoom, and one in Machine Learning.
We hope to benefit from the latter in the not-so-distant future.

He also comes from Russia and was Russia's 2nd most talented young engineer at the age of 18 with plaque and all.

In Quine he's been responsible of... defeating gravity, mostly - meaning presenting the files and metadata to the end-users in browser and mobile,

Want to select and auto-import files and metadata into Adobe Premiere, DaVinci Resolve or AVID media-composer?
That's Konstantin's code saving you 80% of the assisting editors job.

Want to write metadata into multiclips with track-back to your underlaying files so that it works through editing and online despite Adobe telling us that that is 100% not possible?
That is Konstantin's code moving metadata consistently for you.

Want to integrate output from speech to text and other ML tools with the workflows we have generated for editors and assisting editors?

That is Konstantin's code making that happen in an automated, yet editable way and makes the ML metadata work alongside the manual metadata as if they were all from the same source.

Do you need dailies that display annotations, original file metadata and can be shared with different users with different roles and access-levels?
Again it is Konstantin's code making that possible for our QuineCore users.

Konstantin came to us, because he saw that QuineCore could be a platform to commercialise his previous research, and we can not wait for that to happen.

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