IBC and state visit to UK

September 8, 2022
QuineCore - Sustainable porstproduction

That time of the year...

First IBC, then state visit to UK. (Yeah, had to throw that in... But being selected best of the crop to represent Norway, gives us pride...)

Tons of preparations and working with partners all over the globe to get producers eyes up for the incredible benefits of running on QuineCore compared to traditional manual "step-by-step-and-then-let's-do-it all-over-again-in-one-more-app-making yet another-untracked-copy-of-the-same-media " workflows which are still the industry standard -  while bringing in and burning out yet another next generation film-makers, abusing precious energy resources, moving people, not data and littering with one-time and very unsuitable "Orange disks".

Change needs change....

And in an industry of freelancers, that is not something happening easily.
You get your next job because of the last, so better not change the formula...

But Change is needed and change is in the air.

Fortunately new producers are daily getting the point of smarter resource use.
Financial-, time-, human-  and environmental- resources.

Look Up!

We look forward to meeting existing and new clients, investors and partners the next two weeks!

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