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How to keep your production rolling with QuineCore remote workflow?

March 23, 2020

The Coronavirus brings challenges and potentially significant change to the production-world. Larger normal sets are banned, planned, projects postponed, clients quarantined, partners in post can’t exchange, review and deliver the work in the way they used to.

If cloud and remote collaborative production has been a hot trend lately, now it is a must.

Just putting a bunch of assets in the-cloud does not in itself solve production problems. 

“Reliable media and file-sharing is a must.” said Adobe in their latest Remote Work report. “Share files and collaborate with cloud-based solutions from partners such as  Quine.”(read Adobe's recent guide for remote work, in response to pandemic)

The QuineCore system helps you collaborate even in a reality of social distancing.

Your whole production at finger tip anywhere in the world.

Automate your file ingest, upload, sharing…
From anywhere to anywhere

For productions under way, just the task of moving all your existing assets to the cloud is a huge endeavour in itself, no matter your lines or approach.

QuineIngest (QI) is here to help.

QI automates the file-flow, on-prem, what is uploaded for sharing and the file and metadata distribution. The process can be infinitely parallelized to speed up huge batch processes, and QuineCore keeps track of every single file touched by QI, whether in the cloud, on your on-prem NAS or on some USB drive somewhere.

Smart watch-folders simplify exchange of new material produced like review files, final renders and VFX renders.

QI is the robot you have been looking for. QI is the most powerful tool you can have to make your production distributed.

Watch this video on what we can achieve with QuineIngest with 3.5 minutes of manual work.

Your project assets all in one place, for log, comment, review and more

Step one to produce distributed is to get the necessary assets shared through QuineCore.

QuineCore, browser-based collaborative workspaces can be accessed anywhere in the world on mobile or desktop. Anyone authorized is able to browse and work with  your assets.

File and manual metadata are displayed, you can add tags and additional metadata  to quickly filter through your production to find what you need to work with, like a particular scene, a VFX shot or a location.

All assets, video, audio are in sync. You can log, comment on any single frame. Th editor, VFX artists, director or the producer has a common platform to review files, edits, VFX renders and finished programs, like they sit in the same room.

QuineCore has the ground truth of your production and where your assets exist, be it locally or in cloud.

Premiere Team-project + QuineCore = Remote Collaborative Editing

The QuineCore Premiere plugin brings these powers directly into Adobe premiere.

Through using Premiere Team-projects for the editing and the QuineCore file and metadata management, multiple editors can work at the same time on the same project from multiple locations. Let’s say the director does rough-cuts, a 2nd editor puts together the programs and a senior editor finalizes your show. All enabled through the QuineCore back-end.

QuineCore premiere plugin, with Premiere Team's project

Smart and Secure sync

Smart exchange matters, especially now. Bandwidth is suddenly an extremely valuable commodity, and it is everyone's obligation to use only what we need to make space for all. Netflix just announced they will downgrade the streaming quality to keep crucial network resources from being overloaded. We all ought to be smart about how and what we share.

Never was the argument for lean proxy-based processes stronger.

While we can handle all data in the cloud, we take the stance that today internet bandwidth is precious. And we rather share only the large files that actually needs sharing, using proxies to speed up turnaround and workflows and to save bandwidth when appropriate.

And the fun part is: Such workflows are extremely lean and efficient, also if your collaborating partners aren't sitting on a 10Gbit internet line (which frankly most of us really aren't).

Right now, this efficiency is crucial. It is an enormous difference of having to sync 15TB of editorials and audio for a major show, or totally having to upload all 350TB of RAW material just to start to play.

It's much smarter to just share the 100GB EXR sequence when you need it, than defaulting to put everything through a heavy-processing pipeline.

Though we can have it all, if that's what you insist.

QuineCore with QI enables a cloud-based exchange that only transports “what is necessary", and as your assets are conceptually always conformed, it is easy to pick exactly which larger or smaller version of an assets that needs to be exchanged through the cloud.

QuineCore can exchange any file in your production, not only media-files.


Lean productions benefit from efficiency of the cloud as much as large productions, if not more.

Big or small production, QuineCore can help realize.

Most productions can benefit from our solutions. The manual work needed to run your production after initial setup is mostly done through simple drag-and-drop operations with QI and yes/no answers by the user. Files gets accessible through our Premiere panel and gets synchronized in batch or as needed to the individual user.

Lately we have amongst other things supported a 9 people small TV crew working on quick turnaround deliveries, all dispersed around their different flats. No dedicated data wrangler, DIT or specialists, but still managing to deliver content to producer, editors, review and delivery every day. This alongside keeping more traditional productions running.

With the pandemic situation, crews will be mean and lean for a while, and while we are set up to also support large traditional productions, it gives us immense pleasure to be able to enable those who still want to produce and deliver content today.

We wish you all well, and Quine is prepared to help you work in also under conditions dictated by the current situation.

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