Dynamic Metadata into Premiere Pro

April 29, 2022

As of May 2022, the Quine Core Import extension in Adobe Premiere Pro will have a new feature: the «Apply Metadata» button - which again gives a new function to the «Re-Sync Metadata» button. 

Metadata from the Cloud can now be updated inside Premiere even after material is imported and placed in a sequence - and even on multi clips. 

The "Apply metadata" button gives new extreme powers to the Re-Sync metadata button!

Markers and transcript text blocks will now appear on clips, both in source and existing timelines after re-syncing metadata from the cloud via the Quine Core Import exstention. 

How the text blocks appear in a multiclip in a timeline directly after importing metadata

This means that you can fully parallelize the editing and transcription processes in larger non-scripted projects. 

Let’s say for example that an editor wants to rough cut a scene containing parts of an interview before the director have read the transcript - or even before the clips have been transcribed by a transcriber. With Quines new dynamic metadata solution the editor is now free to import the material and start editing. 

Afterwards when the transcription is finished (on a different machine with the web browser) the editor can simply with a few clicks re-sync the metadata from the cloud and the transcript text blocks will appear in the already edited timeline. 

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