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Quine mission statement: Dream Harder!

September 9, 2023

With the new free QuineCopy tool, Quine wants to give smaller and mainstream-producers, students and dreamers access to simple to use, professional and automated-workflow tools and a scalable platform.

Too often we see that enthusiasts starts off with little planning, and  if things become successful and get traction, the added demands kill the enthusiasm or the budget.

QuineCopy is a tool that can grow with you beyond the needs you thought you had. For free.

With QuineCopy in your toolbox, you can focus on the part of production you actually love

Cameras and post-tools like DaVinci Resolve has helped democratizing the access to good tools on-set and in post, but the management of files and codecs and workflows is more than painful for most budding filmmakers and producers alike.

It is our dream that QuineCopy can help democratizing  solution to some of the basic file-management and workflow challenges you inevitably meet as an experienced or inexpperienced film-maker alike.

QuineCopy  is the little brother of QuineIngest, both based on the proprietary and unique CopySafe™ technology, jointly developed by the Quine founders since 2016.

Up until now, Quine has focused mostly on larger demanding production companies and broadcasters. But through that work, we have time and again been exposed for the need for simpler productions for good accessible entry-level tools to have their backs covered.

Some of these “small” productions and producers grow into becoming pretty big, and if they haven’t implemented good workflows and practices, that growing-pain of consistncy demands can become  destructive.

QuineCore has served broadcasters, film-makers and producers on productions edited in Premiere, MediaCompser and Resolve in the genres of drama, documentaries, reality-TV, commercials and feature films.

In only three year’s we have had QuineCore managing and automating the data management for:
100’s of of full productions
1000’s of deliverables (like an episode or a single commercial)
Millions and millions of files and Petabytes of data.

We’re proud to have contributed on 18 Gullruten (Norwegian Emmy’s) nominee’s and winners in the relatively small Norwegian market.

With QuineCopy we hope to help even more film-makers and  producers to:

Dream Harder!

Dream Harder!

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