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Chinese early review of QuineCopy

October 5, 2023

We love to hear what users around the globe think about QuineCopy.

We have set up a discord channel that you can access directly from the applications to get your feedback, feature-requests and bug-reports.  

And then there are reviews.

This is a Chinese review on Weibo from the public beta of QuineCopy.

Here is a google translate of the same early review:

A very interesting free DIT copy + transcoding software: QuineCopy, Win+Mac dual platform.

The web link is still in beta version, and a Chinese version should be provided in the future. The interface font can also be changed, which is quite troublesome now.

Copying is very simple. After setting the workspace and destination path, drag in the folder or source and start copying. Of course, the necessary MHL is also indispensable.

However, if you need to transcode, the setup is a bit complicated. Its transcoding is completely based on you installing DaVinci, and you need to set a rendering template on DaVinci's release page. The name of the template must be the same as that in the software. For example, you can save it directly as QuineCopy. After completion, DaVinci does not need to be started, QuineCopy will be called in the background.

Before transcoding, you can also set metadata as the name of the folder as needed. QuineCopy will automatically create a structural directory. After some exploration and understanding, copying and transcoding can be executed automatically.

From the early Weibo review of QuineCopy public beta

Localizing QuineCopy is a very good idea.

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