AAF import for AVID is here!

April 13, 2023

Are you tired of locking up editing suites for transcribing or in some clunky way or another importing transcription metadata into AVID? Take a look at this: 

First the transcriber(s), sitting online anywhere in the world will use the transcript tools on to set in and out points and transcribe what’s needed.

…. Directors or producers may also chime in if they want using the frame note tool. This will appear as a regular marker in AVID

When the transcribing is complete, the ingester or editor will filter out the needed clips and download an AAF file from the web.
Given that the editorials now lies correct in the Avid MediaFiles folder, all the editor has to to is to drag and drop the AAF into a bin in AVID. You now have all your metadata linked up to your files, including comments and transcription notes shown as red markers.

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