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QuineBox IoT

Turn any camera into a connected device and get your files and metadata where you want them as soon as you have shot them. Integrates with MovieSlateĀ® and Drylab Dailies. Can deliver Dailies and edit-proxies to multiple destinations.

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quinebox RT

Collect a rich TC sync’ed datasett directly from set and get it neatly served into post. Supports shutter- and TC synchronized witness cameras for ARRI and RED. Capable of realtime processing and transmission.

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Quine Ingest

Ingest and structure your files for editorial. Allows a high degree of automation and configuration. Multi-production, multi-user, multi-setup fast and intuitive ingest tool. Free to use for now.

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Quine POST

A bit of secret sauce. For development partners only, for now.

About Quine

One core, many applications

Quine develops soft- and hardware for film- and TV productions. We develop our products in collaboration with customers to fill real need for real users and our products are developed while in actual production-use, to make sure they are reliable and solve realworld problems. Quine has a close relation to two Horizon2020 projects as the founders of Quine have worked and work on these as researchers. These are: POPART (finished December 2016) and LADIO. Quine is a commercial front-end for the research and is wholly funded through sales, the founders and external investors. We have a roadmap for delivering innovative effective and cost-saving solutions to the industry for years to come.