Using QuineCore as an app

How to use QuineCore on your smartphone

February 7, 2022

Using our web-based solution for either organizing, transcribing or reviewing dailies is not only safe and easy, but it’s also convenient for whenever you’re using your smartphone on the go. 

As with most sporadic usage of smartphone browsing or apps - you might not want to do your login procedure automatically every time you're using QuineCore on your phone.

Unfortunately when using Quine Core in a browser on your phone you will be logged out after only 10 minutes.

To avoid this, and make sure your user is remembered on your phone, here's a convenient solution:

For Iphones:

Use Safari to enter quinecore.com

Tap the "share" icon 

Choose the "add to home screen" option.

For Android:

Use Google Chrome to enter quinecore.com

In the 3 dotted menu at the upper right hand corner, select «add to start page»

Click add

In both cases we now have access to the QuineCore website on your phone just like a regular app.