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Setting up your clips for transcription

How to prepare your clips for transcription

March 3, 2022

Quinecore's unique solution for for transcribing are based on the proxies in the cloud which means that the transcriber(s) won't need any physical access to the projects material. All the work can be done in the using a webbrowser from anywhere in the world with a fair to decent internett connection.

The transcriber can work from anywhere!

To set up the projects clips for transcribing here is what you need to do:

  1. From the default "Dailies" category, move the clip you want to transcribe to the "Transcript" category

  1. If you want to move multiple clips at the same time - click on "Selection" - this will move all the clips that the single selceted clip belongs to. (for example date)

  1. You can now se that your clips have disappeared from the "Dalies" category. Choose "Transcript" in the Category selector at the top of the page to move on to the Transcript page where your clips now lies ready for transcribing

You can now start transcribing!