Getting started

Get started guide for Quine

Set up and first steps for Mac users

Mathias Hekton
Product Manager & Head of Corporate Sales
February 4, 2022

Log in!

Start by logging into QuineCore  
You need to be invited to a Quine Core projects

What kind of account do you have? 

Personal: For productions hosted by Quine
For productions hosted by your company  (for corporate emails) 
For productions hosted under a specified  domain 

Log in to your Microsoft account and start Ingesting

Install Software!

Remember to follow instructions given •

Locate the QC Premiere Plugin

Install Quine Ingest

Unzip your QI download

Make sure that you have Admin rights

Right click on "startQI.command" and choose open (This is only required the first time).

Start Quine Ingest

Choose Account and press Login

Choose project

Set your destination

You will be asked to set the destination the first time you start Quine Ingest.

Choose the drive where you would like to store your files.

Drag folder of files to start ingest

Premiere Extension

Load QuineCore Import extension

Choose clips and import to Premiere