Studio productions

Snøfall was a 24 episode 2-camera location/studio production shot over more than a year.

Qi was the ingest tool for the entire production and the studio months we also contributed with prototype  QuineBox IoT's.

On the production we used Pure Blends MovieSlate® for script notes and Drylab Dailies for dailies.

MovieSlate® was connected directly to the cameras through the QuineBox IoT. This meant that all camera metadata (file-name, roll, technical data) was recorded frame locked to the slate and dynamic metadata was frame locked. 

When the script-supervisor signs out a shot, a copy of the XML was immediately sent to the QuineBox™ and the metadata merged with dailies and editorial files shipped directly to Drylab Dailies and Adobe Premiere.

Drylab dailies also supply WiFi based local dailies to the production, in addition to the cloud based solution.

All files are dynamically updated with metadata as the shooting progresses, and script supervisor, continuity, director and producer can easily navigate the production and take notes as it progresses.

We additionally delivered a streaming/playback solution to the Script Supervisor. This way the Script supervisor can easily view live-streams and playback recordings from any number of cameras, without interfering with the AC and Camera department. It's infinitely easier to navigate recordings when you can see thumbnails, filenames and slate-info as soon as the shot is done, over conventional recorders.

All metadata are preserved in its own database and thus survives conform operations, as opposed to metadata that are only linked to files.