Qi 2018 puts flow into work

Qi is a Production Asset Manager and is the backbone of our workflows. For now Qi is free to use even without the QuineBox™IoT. 
If you or your organisation request changes, bugfixes or updates, you will have to go into a service agreement with Quine.

All you need to download Qi is to register here
You find Qi video-tutorials here.
Qi is currently OSX only. *

What does Qi 2018 do?

Qi 2018 is a PRODUCTION workflow application handling your files and metadata.
Set up rules for tasks as you go, drag-and drop from there until the production is done.


Qi 2018 standalone

  • Secure copying of files and metadata
  • Automatic projet structuring (understandable by humans)
  • Automatic recognition of major cameras 
  • Automatic sorting by mediate/date/roll
  • Transcode at ingest. .mxf, .mov, .m4v, .mp4 and .R3D to preset dailies and editorial formats.
  • Fast verified copies with receipts for each job stored in common directory
  • Read which LUT has been used for metadata, and automatically apply the right LUT to the right file (ARRI)
  • Apply Sony Slog LUTs to F5 and F55 material
  • But-ins of TC and filename for selected filetypes
  • When multiple cameras are used: Conform all cameras to one codec
  • All ingest and transcode operations are drag- and drop when the production is set up. 
  • Central project Database. When a new user is added to a project, all project settings are automatically set up from project preference.
  • Multi-user. Audio can ingest from one machine, video from a different, or multiple computers can be used to ingest to the same project when the payload is high.
  • Recognises and matches metadata from MovieSlate® and does automatic logging
  • Automatically load all files from a shooting-day into a logging-window.
  • Possible to log the shooting-day manually and add/edit comments before exporting .xml to editorial stage
  • Manually sync TC-referenced and freeman cameras and audio before sending project off to edit. 1 -> n cameras can be synced into a shot
  • Optional advanced routing of files. If you want CameraOriginals on a cheaper/slower store during the edit-process and want to save the precious fast SANs for edit-operations, selected file-types can be sent to individual destinations.
  • Network destination robustness.
  • Batch-export day-projects to editorial stage
  • Watchfolders for Dailies and edit-proxies that automatically move the files to their right destinations, if you grade and transcode in an application outside Qi


Qi 2018 with QuineBox™iOt

  • Qi receives and distributes the files and metadata that comes in from QuineBox™IoT - the final stage of the automated flow
  • QC at ingest of original files picks up missing files and optional transcodes and delivers only those to the project. Missing files would typically come from Vari-Speed (slo-mo) shots, lack of network or if the box has been turned off.
  • QC at ingest of camera-originals, verifies file and metadata integrity
  • Qi 2018 makes the QuineBox into an automated workflow for online/offline productions


*Quine has Qi2 under development. The database for Qi2 is developed around the EBUCore metadata description and Qi2 will be fully platform-independent. There is currently no release target set for Qi2 as it is it a piece in a larger puzzle we are working on.
CUDA enabled GPU currently a requirement for R3D transcodes
Some parts of the Qi code is Open Sourced from the POPART project and the parts that are open-sourced can be shared on request. use the contact page for requests.
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