TV-drama/Feature films - Location

The Netflix/NRK show Norsemen has been a model user case.

the show shoots with 5 units on a remote island producing 2-6 TB of RAW files per day.

To get the files ready for preview and edit, there is currently a large manual transcode and fiber-based uploads operation involved. With the QuineBox IoT, dailies and editorials can be delivered directly to cloud and the editorial SAN from set, the producer can follow the development of the shooting day directly and it s possible to navigate the shooting progress based on slate-information, as the shooting progresses.

Qi automates copy-, transcode and file/metadata synchronisation tasks as the RAW files come in.

The QuineBox™IoT records conformable files, but as Qi verifies the transcodes at ingest, any inconsistencies gets automatically fixed at ingest.

An additional possibility with the QuineBo™IoT, is to do on-set editing immediately while the scene is shot.

As opposed to on-set editing done with conventional recorders, the edits done on - set with files from the QuineBox™IoT are conformable, carry metadata and have post-value, and the edits can be sent to the main editor and brought online as a reference or base for a final edit without eye-balling the on-set results.