Meet the Quine team

Meet the Quine team: Stian Vrba, CTO and co-founder

October 30, 2023

The team is what sets us apart and lets us succeed, and Stian is key to that story. So here he is:

Agile is the name of the game in modern software development, and we at Quine are pretty familiar with the principles.

Yet, after creating our POC product GAMP, we chose to take a step back when we decided to found Quine and go a route where it would take close to three years before we had anything the end-user could even touch through an early GUI.

It took us 6 years of hard work, to get to a point where agility was even an option, and QuineCopy is the first output from that process.

Our analysis was that setting up a file- and metadata transaction infrastructure that works securely and fast in all environments, is closer to developing a secure platform-independent file-system than a quickly-drawn app.

We needed optimization for secure local, networked and over-the air asynchronous transactions, and a principled data-model that can handle whatever the user throws at it, while still having robust metadata management that delivers in a multi-user, multi-variant, multi-version realtime asynchronous user environment where users can be anywhere doing anything at anytime

That was an insane choice by most modern standards, but the entire agile idea was not possible to approach without first solving the underlaying principled problems of transactions and file- and user security.

The result was that we decided to make the painful choice of building our core tech CopySafe™ bottom-up rather than top down.

That was a painful choice as it made us virtually un-fundable in the main development stage and we had to work with a limited number of test-users for 3 years to get to a point where we could deliver a basic product.

One of those early-stage users was the Norwegian Broadcaster Corporation which was a n enabling partner as they let us test with very large datasets from a variety of production, scenarios.
The anti-agility didn't mean "not working with clients".

The same approach has made it possible for us to develop and release an application like QuineCopy in an extremely short time.
The "move slow first to move fast" later approach, has let us develop a robust app that can be enjoyed by 1000's of users all over the world already after a few weeks, and we think we're only getting started.

Sudden success takes a bit of time and there is more where that came from.

Taking the time to become truly agile, was the Idea - and QuineCopy is the first output from that philosophy.

The approach was not very quick and sexy or in any way agile out of the door, but has  given us  a cornucopia of options and a unique platform to release applications and features quickly a few years later.

We're all very grateful to Stians philosophy and pure stubbornness today.

And we're just getting started.

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