Remote journalists - Broadcast

Typically a journalist leaves in the morning to do an interview or cover a story. Spends almost 1/3 of the day travelling to the interview, spends an hour or two on the actual coverage and then the rest of the day driving back to the office. 
When home he or she starts offloading the media. Practically this means that the "news" aren't ready until the day after, and that each journalist isn't very productive.

With QuineBox™IoT, the journalist can go from one story to the next throughout the day, while the files get automatically sent to the office for editing. the same journalist can maybe produce 4 stories instead of 1 and the stories can get published while they are still newsworthy

The district office 2
Remote Journalist, direct editing and uploading

The journalist could mount the disk from the QuineBox™IoT directly on his/her laptop after finishing shooting the story, edit without any additional offload/transcode step, and save the finished story to the "Upload" directory of the QuineBox™IoT for immediate publishing.

The main office
Journalist in a high-risk environment

Often journalists are in far-away places where the security of equipment and images can be unsure.

The QuineBox™ lets you send the precious footage home as it's shots and secures that your story gets published.