Quine was founded December 2016 by Stian Vrba, Kristian Skarseth and Gunleik Groven. Simula Research Laboratory joined in when activity started in January 2017.

Competence, industry- and tech knowledge in addition to a close connection to our customer base and main markets, are currently our main strengths.

The three founders met and worked together for close to two years in now defunct LABO mixed realities as researchers and developers on the Horizon 2020 POPART project. We have all been engaged on the follow-up project LADIO through Simula Research Laboratory, and expect Quine to follow that project through.

The first products Quine releases are focused on automating workflows for film- and broadcast productions and have landed Quine distributor agreements and customers on 3 continents. 

The 1st batch of QuineBox™IoT was overbooked well in advance of first deliveries.

The first years have been a rollercoaster... and doing a startup is... well slightly insane. But when we look back at our budgets and plans back in January 2017, we have so far hit the targets we set pretty much spot-on.

If you want to join in, please don't hesitate to contact us.