What is your shipping policy?

We currently produce the QuineBox IoT in pre-ordered batches. This means that delivery dates are according to when the next batch is available. 
Currently the next batch is ready for delivery in December 2017.

If you pre-order, shipping costs will be added to the final invoice

We have distributors in multiple regions around the world. If you order from one of these regions, shipping will happen through our authorised distributor partner.

You can pre-order here, but the distributor partner will take delivery and servicing.

VAT will only be added to Norwegian customers.


Norwegian customers have to pay 25% VAT in addition to shipping costs.



We ship through FedEx or DHL.



Hardware has one year limited warranty.



Quine prefers to sell through distributing partners. If you want to become a distributor and your business is in a region where we currently do not have distribution partners, please contact us.