Keynote at LLB March 6th, 15.30 CET

Workflows for modern distributed productions

What is needed for a modern Production Asset Management System (PAM)?

Productions used to happen more or less linearity within a physical domain:

det virtuelle produksjonshuset-ENG.003.jpeg

Todays decentralised production models with a multitude of external partners is slightly more challenging.

det virtuelle produksjonshuset-ENG.008.jpeg

For individual productions, this model “sort of works”, but for larger production entities with 10’s and 100’s of productions going on simultaneously “everywhere”, the risk of losing control is more than imminent.

Yet, data-management is close to what it was back in the day of Analogue film-production, more akin to the days of manual banking in an international money transaction.


Quite distant from todays expectancies of hassle free and robust “Push-button deliveries”?

If you transfer 1000 $ to a friend from your bank account, you wouldn’t expect that “somewhere between 750 $ and 1099 $” is what she would receive?

It’s expected to be fast, precise and traceable.


In this modern day and age of Block Chains, Big Data and AI, it surely has to be a Magic Bullet to solve these problems?

Or is there an elephant or two in the room?


Join us for a chat keynote on Production Asset management in the 21st century, some experiences from around the world on different approaches and our approach to solutions.

If you can’t be there, you are welcome to join us on the livestream

March 6th 2019, 15.30 CET

Gunleik Groven