LLB.no 2019 - CVW and foto.no Partnerships


First llb.no news is these fantastic wireless units from CVW.

We are pleased to announce that Quine has become agent for the wireless video provider Crystal Video Wireless (CVW). CVW is not yet a very well known brand in these quarters, but outside being market leader in China and Japan, CVW is one of very few of the companies creating these solution with a significant development team of their own. Brands much more akin to household names, have been manufactured by CVW over the time.

Initially we focus on the “Pro” range of units:

The Pro 200 - 200 meter range (MSRP 2.200,- USD + shipping)
The Pro 300 PLUS - 300 meters range (MSRP 2.750,- USD + shipping)
The Pro 800 - 800 meters range (MSRP 3.750,- USD + shipping)

As these are channel based, you can mix and match the models to make your ideal setup, you can add a panel antenna for extended range (with the Pro 800 receiver) and you can have as many receivers connected to one transmitter as you want (we’ve only tested up to 8)

They all support record start/stop and timecode from ARRI, RED, Sony and Panasonic cameras.

Outside excellent customer response to the units features, performance and price points, the reason Quine has chosen work with CVW is due to collaboration.

Since the release of QuineBox™IoT, we have been looking for ways to take the box off the camera and place it on the other end of a no-latency long range wireless transmitter, but none of the sets on the market supported one key feature for us: The camera file-names transmitted wirelessly.

This seems like a trivial task to get solved, but it was not. We had a hunch on how to do it, but needed to find a partner with the developers and guts to try it. CVW took that challenge, and over a few intense week we managed to get support for ARRI and RED cameras with conformable files recorded wirelessly to the QuineBox IoT. We hope to add Sony to that list of cameras this spring.

Now you can replace this on-camera set-up:


With this:


and still get most of the functionality from the QuineBox™IoT that you get with the box hooked directly to the camera.

For the on-set dailies functionality of the QuineBox™IoT, this allows for a significant improvement, as you can connect the box to a powerful router, and thus serve far mor on-set users with dailies on-the-fly.

This feature only works with the Pro 800 set with a firmware supplied by Quine.

After this successful co-development, we decided to take the collaboration further and cooperate on designing some new and groundbreaking wireless systems.

Quine represents the full product range in Northern Europe. In Norway we sell through our distributor foto.no and Norwegian customers will be asked to buy through them.

We hope to partner with other re-sellers outside Norway, but for now, non-Norwegian customers can order directly from our web-shop.

Shipping-time is about 2 weeks.

In addition to full sets, you can buy individual senders and receivers.

Gunleik GrovenQuine As