China Roadshow with Infratrans Part 2

It was an impressing display of events and equipment arranged by InfraTrans for the Beijing - Shanghai - Shenzhen roadshow  and Quine was happy to be able to join.

RED joined with a serious crew, Monstro and Helium cameras everywhere.
CWV had an impressive range of wireless solutions on show
Atomos had their full range of toys on-site
Ovide was showing their q-take solution
MOVCAM was out with a large crew
Quine was there with the QuineBox™IoT and Qi


The Beijing event took place at the Infratrans offices.
Shanghai happened in a central show-room.
The last date was in Shenzhen in the MOVCAM offices.

The roadshow moved on to Taiwan/Taipei after I left.

CWV was live-streaming the events from a 5-camera RED setup and there are several thousands following the live-stream over WeChat every day.


RED seems to be the totally dominant Camera in China. Not only for the last huge box-office breaker but on all levels so the attention level is pretty high. 

Chinese box-office is approaching North-American numbers, and the whole industry is growing and maturing at an incredible pace.

The background that China has moved from nothing to "one of the two big" in a really short time, has allowed for a range of "new" companies taking the driver-seat on the equipment side locally.

Just watching the transformation of companies like Tilta, CWV, Vaxis and Movcam is amazing.

CVV preparing some of their toys for the display

CVV preparing some of their toys for the display

We exhibited the QuineBox™IoT for the first time at BIRtv with InfraTrans earlier in August - back then, just fresh out of the oven. While there I had an opportunity to look at many to me totally unknown Chinese equipment companies. Even though is still true that you have some cheap knock-off companie, there are also an amazing number of innovative original ideas with high build-quality coming out of the manufacturers here competing in innovation with the traditional western players.

BIRtv 2017

BIRtv 2017

To me Chinese movies has by far been represented by the likes (if there really are any) of Ang Lee, but after spending a bit of time here the last three years, it is apparent that while this is very much an industry in the making, the ambition and hard working talent of Chinese movie industry, probably will end up impacting the movie-making in more ways than cheap matte boxes and Chinese rocket-scientists solving the final problem in "Martian".

We Look forward to see what Quine and InfraTrans can do in the Chinese market in 2018/2019.